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Welcome to Synerio! Formerly known as EHR Data.

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Why develop with us?

Do you have an application or platform that already houses healthcare, or other, data? It’s time to make that data more broadly useful and generate more revenue by connecting your data to our “network”. Depending on evolving business models and interest from other data users, you may receive financial rewards every time another entity accesses any of the data you contributed. The more data you contribute, the more royalties you could receive! Not only can you generate revenue, but you can trust that your data will be secure and immutable thanks to a hash of that data being stored on the blockchain.



Trust that your data will be stored securely and immutably via blockchain.

Earn Royalties

Earn revenue each time another entity accesses the data you’ve contributed.

Get our developers toolkit

Register to get access to our developers toolkit, which will give you the assets needed to start an integration with us! Connecting with our platform will allow you to secure your data while increasing how much revenue that data generates. Once your account is activated you will gain access to our Rest API, a Quickstart Guide, and some of our Use Cases.

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Let’s Get Started!

If you’re ready to grab our toolkit and start interacting with our API to work toward an integration with our platform, fill out the form on our registration page to apply for an account.