Synerio User Acceptance Testing Network

Terms of Use Agreement

Acceptance of these Terms of Use is required for use of the Synerio User Acceptance Testing Network (“UAT Network”) and all Materials provided therein.  Use of the UAT Network is offered only to, and may be used only by, current, prospective and future customers and partners of Synerio and its agents. These Terms of Use apply to no-cost (free) tools only.  If you wish to pay for a fee-based product, separate license agreement and related specific requirements will apply, which are offered exclusively through the Synerio Sales organization accordingly.

For Developers

The Synerio UAT Network allows Developer Community Members to use the documentation, test application, and other materials (collectively the “Materials”) provided by Synerio at for the purposes of connecting to and interacting with the UAT Network.  The Materials are provided as-is with no warranties, express or implied.

Your use of Materials related to the Synerio APIs (“Synerio Software” or “Software”) is subject to all applicable terms of any other agreement(s) you have with Synerio, and you are solely responsible for how you choose to use the Materials to interoperate with products and services.

As an Synerio Developer Community Member, you may use the Materials freely under the following terms:

      1. This website (the “Developer Site”) is the source of truth for current versions of the Materials. You may keep copies of the Materials for yourself; but you may not distribute them. Instead, direct others to the Materials made available on to ensure the use of the latest Materials by the community users.
      2. You own what you develop using the Materials provided on the Developer Site. Synerio owns the Materials, as well as any Synerio-provided improvements to, or learnings based on, the Materials, such as enhancements made by Synerio to our testing tools or documentation. We want to encourage a useful learning developer environment.  If you suggest a way to improve the Materials and we use your suggestion, it may become part of the Materials for anyone to use without any obligation or notice to you.  All Synerio Materials and Synerio works of authorship are owned by Synerio and are protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights.
      3. Your use of the UAT Network and Materials must be limited to testing and development purposes.  No portion of the UAT Network or Materials may be used for any commercial purpose, nor in any way which competes with the business of Synerio.
      4. You are solely responsible for your products and/or services and how they interact with Synerio Software. You’re also solely responsible for complying with all applicable laws, including not infringing on the Intellectual Property rights of Synerio or any other person.
      5. You acknowledge that the UAT Network and Materials, and all portions of same, belong exclusively to Synerio and are protected by copyright and rights of patentability, in addition to other valuable Intellectual Property rights of Synerio.
      6. If you want to reference Synerio’s name or other trademarks, which are protected rights of Synerio under trademark law, you may contact our Sales group to seek prior written approval which will be required.  If you want to use another Synerio Developer Community Member’s logo or other intellectual property for any reason, you must obtain their express permission in advance.
      7. Synerio provides the Materials on the Developer Site for your use under these terms.  It is your decision how to use the Materials to learn how to interact with the Synerio Software and to mutually interact with works of other Developer Community Members. You agree to indemnify, hold harmless and defend Synerio, its subsidiaries, and all of its and their employees, officers, directors, agents, representatives, contractors, and other personnel, from and against any Claim that in any way arises out of or relates to any of your products or services that use or rely on the Materials, even if such Claims include allegations of negligence against the indemnified party. “Claim” means all claims, demands, investigations, inquiries, and actions, and all liabilities, damages, fines, and expenses arising out of or relating thereto, directly or indirectly, including without limitation any judgements, settlement costs, and attorneys’ fees; and further including, without limitation, any violations of HIPAA described below.
      8. Direct access to any software of Synerio (including the UAT Network) is not required to develop, test, deploy, or support your product or service. You may test your product or service via the UAT Network. However, direct access to Synerio’s Production software (Production software of Synerio is used under executed license agreements for the providing of services) can only be granted with approval from Synerio through the sales process and with an executed license agreement.
      9. Synerio limits the number of transactions per month against its UAT Network as well as its Blockchain partner, and controls the overall computational performance of the UAT Network to support reasonable volumes and transaction costs, absorbed by Synerio to promote the value of the Software.
      10. Synerio reserves the right to revoke any developer access to the UAT Network at any time without any obligation or notice to you.
      11. Support of the UAT Network is based on “reasonable effort” to respond to inquiries related to possible Software issues and questions regarding the provided Materials. Synerio Support will make reasonable efforts to respond within a reasonable time.  Submission of inquiries regarding the use of the Software shall be directed to our support group.
      12. There are no expectations to the length of retention of the data supplied by developed applications against the Synerio’s Software.  Personally identifiable and financial data shall not be uploaded, stored, or otherwise used directly or indirectly in the UAT Network; such data includes, but is not limited to, Protected Health Information (“PHI”) as defined by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, Pub. L. No. 104-191 (“HIPAA”).  Synerio bears no responsibility for the data used by or stored by you or any other Developer Community Members, or for the length of time it may be stored in the UAT Network.  This is in order to keep the environment free of charge to the Community.  Please carefully review the UAT Network Privacy Policy (which is incorporated herein by reference) for more information.

An accepted Terms of Use does not indicate that a tool meets all business use cases or requirements, and additional considerations may be necessary.

Version 1.1 | Published 8/27/2021